2018-19 Euclid School PTA Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who has attended a PTA meeting and shown support.  Below are the PTA Meeting Minutes for the 2018-19 School Year.

PTA meeting minutes
November 27, 2018

  • Meeting was called to order at 8:02pm in the Media Center
  • A Holiday Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance were read
  • The October meeting minutes were announced that they can now be found on the PTA’s website, and were accepted
  • The Treasurer’s Report was read and submitted
  • Mr. Sickels announced that there are still spaces available for parents to volunteer as mystery readers for grades K, 1 and 2
  • Lori Z. announced that the 2018 Monster Mash went smoothly and successfully and thanked everyone for helping to make it a successful event.  She also announced that Spirit Wear is still available for sale and those interested can contact her or check the PTA’s website.
  • Lori S. announced we now have 158 paid members
  • Corinne read a card to the PTA about books that were donated by the PTA from our recent fall book fair from Ms. Oettinger
  • Mr. Sickels read from a letter from Austin’s parents thank Euclid, its staff, fellow students and PTA for everything they have done for their family.  Mr. Sickels thanked the entire Euclid community for showing what we’re really about.
  • Daniel announced that the most effective way to stay up-to-date with the PTA is to check our Social Media Channels, but that the team would look into bringing back a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter
  • Teacher’s rep Ms. Bari had nothing to add.
  • Kim made announcements regarding recent events and announced there will be no PTA Meeting in December
  • Eagle Bucks will be redeemable at the Holiday Gift Shop and the school store
  • Recent Events:
    • Believe Kids fundraiser: Orders were due today
    • Halloween Grams: were successful – be on the lookout for Holiday Grams
    • Boxtops: please continue to send these in on an ongoing basis with your child and teacher’s name
    • Philly Pretzel Fundraiser: has been successful and will continue to be offered
    • Shoparoo – Please continue to upload your receipts
  • Upcoming Events/ Important Dates:
    • Philly Pretzel Fundraiser: Continuing to sell cards for $5 each and can redeem for 5 pretzels anytime at the Rt 17 location. Order forms available online; cards are available for sale tonight.
    • Holiday Gift Shop– Dec 13-14th
    • Drug Awareness Week – January 7-11

Important Dates:

  • December
    • Half Days December 3rd and 4th
    • Half Day December 21
    • 4th Grade Concert Monday the 17th / Thursday the 20th at 2PM
  • January:
    • 7-11 – Drug Awareness Week
    • 22nd – Next PTA Meeting

Motions to close at 8:17pm by Angela Munoz & Lauren Richards

PTA meeting minutes
October 23, 2018

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:35pm in the Media Center
  • The September meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report were read & submitted
  • Sickels: announced that a sign up genius would be going out soon for K, 1, 2 parents to sign up as Mystery Readers. He stated extended family was welcome as well, but to give others a chance to sign up before signing up extended family.
  • Lori Z. spoke about the Monster Mash this Friday 10/26. She explained the event: music, DJ, snacks. An email would go out to volunteers with more info regarding times to arrive and when to drop off donations. The drop off and pick up procedure for children was discussed; Burton Ave is officially closed this year for safety reasons. There will be no after school treat sale after school this week due to the Monster Mash, last one of the Fall will be 11/2. Eagle Bucks will soon be able to be redeemed at a school store.
  • Lori S. reported we have 139 paid members
  • Corinne read a thank you note from the staff thanking the PTA for the microwave.
  • Daniel asked us to keep an eye on social media for reminders and news. All info will be available on the website: euclidschoolpta.com, including instructions for the Monster Mash.
  • Recent Events:
    • Halloween Window Painting: went really well, Judges were HS/ MS students, there were 12 awards won by Euclid students. There will be a group photo of the winners in front of Bill O’Shea’s 10/24 after school. Thank you to the volunteers who mixed paint, painted the boxes, etc.
    • After school treats: last sale will be 11/2, no sale this week because of Monster Mash
    • Believe Kids fundraiser: orders went out and will be back by Thanksgiving. A Kindergartner won the top seller prize of a Kindle Fire. She will be announced as winner 10/24 during morning announcements.
    • Kids Stuff books: we made about $1500 in profit
    • Fall Book Fair: was a great success, we sold just under $7000, raising about $1600 for the PTA. There were $95 in Eagle Bucks redeemed at the Book Fair.
  • Upcoming Events/ Important Dates:
    • Monster Mash– Biggest event- 10/26
    • Philly Pretzel Fundraiser: selling cards for $5 each and can redeem for 5 pretzels anytime at the Rt 17 location. Order forms available online; cards are available for sale tonight.
    • Holiday Gift Shop– Dec 13-14th.
    • Box Tops: We are always collecting them. If you have any, send them in soon, next shipment going out by 11/1. Class with the most at the end of the year wins a party.
    • Shoparoo: very easy to use/ raise money, download the app and scan receipts.

Important Dates:

  • October:
    • BOE meeting 10/25 at HS/ MS Auditorium
  • November:
    • 6th, 8th, 9th– No School
    • 21st– Half Day
    • 22nd– 23rd– No School
    • 26th-27th& Dec 3rd-4th– Half Days for Teacher Conferences
    • 27th– Next PTA Meeting

Motions to close at 8:11pm by Angela Munoz & Lauren Richards

Thank you to everyone who has attended a PTA meeting and shown support.  Below are the PTA Meeting Minutes for the 2018-19 School Year.

PTA meeting minutes
September 25, 2018

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:41 pm in the Gym
  • The June meeting minutes and Treasurer’s Report were submitted
  • Kim introduced the Board members and their roles, reviewed Eagle Bucks, ways to earn & redeem and Premium PTA membership, discussed the membership website and the alternate ways of joining (old way-fill out form & send in with check or new Euclid PTA site) if there was confusion.
  • Mr. Sickels: discussed changes that took place over the summer: gym re-done, Kim is no longer the Visitor Monitor- now there’s a Class 3 Officer at the front desk who patrols the school inside & out. There is a clerical who works with the secretary who is often by the desk, but she is not a Visitor Monitor. Next week, parents with forgotten items will no longer be able to be buzzed in when dropping items off. There will be bins by the front door. The State has introduced new Phys Ed requirements, where the kids are required to have gym 3 days/ week instead of 2. Media has changed: the kids look for library books on Mondays, on Tues, Wed & Thurs, Mrs. Chiu teaches in the classrooms what she would have taught in the Media Center, i.e., keyboarding, coding, google docs, etc. She also teaches G&T. The school year started off great. 100% of the classrooms now have AC units. Questions about Class 3 Officer were answered regarding coverage and Mr. Sickels explained that they all report to the Chief of Police and will rotate among schools to arrange coverage. He discussed the Academic programs: Go Math, Reader’s Workshop & chromebooks. Mrs. Bari, Mrs. Leone & Mrs. Oettinger were all recognized for their attendance at the meeting.
  • Kim explained the role of the PTA and gave examples of all the activities we arrange and where our fundraising money goes.
  • Lori Z. spoke about Heightswear, showed examples of the items on display. She mentioned we need volunteers to assist on Town Day. She explained the Monster Mash, said we are in need of volunteers because almost all of the kids attend. She also discussed the After School Treat sale and how we are in need of donations of items to sell. She answered a question clarifying that Keys Kids can attend the sale this year.
  • Daniel discussed the new website: euclidschoolpta.com, our push to communicate through social media this year and the Board members’ email addresses (first name@euclidschoolpta.com)
  • Kim clarified that all volunteers need to be paid PTA members. She introduced Mrs. Bari, our Teacher Rep who will be in attendance along with Mrs. Tacinelli. She also urged anyone with ideas for programs or fundraising to speak with any Board member.
  • Oettinger thanked the PTA for the microwave in the teachers’ room, writing folders & agendas.
  • Upcoming Events/ Important Dates:
  • Week of Respect- PTA is providing an assembly on Wednesday for all students
  • Fall Book Fair- Oct 4th& 5th. Family night will be Oct 4thfrom 6-8pm
  • Halloween Window Painting- Oct 17th, Daniel will Chair, looking for Co-Chair
  • Monster Mash- 10/26
  • First in class party- Halloween- look for sign up email from Mrs. Romano
  • Planetarium Assembly 11/7
  • Holiday Gift Shop- Dec 13-14th.
  • Kim stressed that we can’t run the programs without volunteers.

Important Dates:

  • BOE meeting is 9/27 at 7:30- HS/ MS
  • Next PTA meeting is 10/23
  • 5thgrade parents meeting to follow this meeting

Motions to close at 8:12pm by Kristin DeBaun & Sylvia Haines