Kindergarten Korner


  • There is only one way to drop off your kids to school (see directions below).  You cannot drop your kids off from Terrace Ave.
  • Coming from the Boulevard, you turn onto Henry Street and make a right onto Burton Ave.  Yes, you have to wait in line and pay attention to the crossing guard as they will tell you to either wait your turn or proceed.  There are usually three cars dropping off at a time.  Keep in mind you only have about 5 seconds to let the kids out since they have keep traffic moving along.  *Be sure your child lock is off the car so your child can get out without help.  Parents aren’t supposed to get out of the car in the drop off lane.
  • I found this one out the hard way.  You cannot go around anyone in the drop off lane (even if they are taking too long and you’re late for work).  Those are the drop off lane rules!
  • On a regular (good weather) day, drop off is by the playground entrance.  On a rainy or snowy day, drop off is past the school’s main entrance and right before the crosswalk.  They use the sidewalk that leads to the gym on days when the weather is not so nice.
  • You are also welcome to park your car (anywhere on Henry St. or Burton Ave.) and walk your child to the playground entrance.  Most Kindergarten parents want to do this in the beginning of the year until their child is comfortable.  After that, you’ll enjoy the easy car drop off lane.
  • If you have a child that needs lots of hugs and kisses before school…. you shouldn’t use the drop off lane.
  • If you have a kid who can’t get their seatbelt off or open the car door, then you shouldn’t use the drop off lane.
  • Drop off begins at 8am and ends at 8:20am.  If you have a child in Kindergarten, keep in mind, Kindergarten goes into the building first so try not to be late.  That means that if you are using the car drop off lane, keep in mind that everyone is usually running late and the line itself can get backed up.  So, factor in some extra time assuming that you will be on line for a few minutes.
  • Your child is responsible to carry in all of their belonging themselves.  If you have to bring in cupcakes or teacher gifts and it’s too hard for your child to juggle everything, then its best to just park and then carry in additional items to the school’s main office.
  • Check the weather.  Sounds silly, but the kids are on the playground from 8am- 8:20am, be sure they have a raincoat, umbrella or warm coat depending on the weather.  Better to be prepared! (this goes for dismissal too!)
  • Keep in mind the crossing guards have your children’s best interest in heart.  Please pay attention and follow their directions since they are trying to keep our kids safe.  Don’t take anything personal.


  • Folders.  Every kid has a folder that will host all homework, forms and teacher communications.  Be sure to check it every day.
  • Your child’s school supplies will run low.  Ask your child around the holidays if they need more crayons, pencils or any other supply they might be low on.
  • There is a bathroom inside the kindergarten classrooms.
  • If your child has a bathroom accident, they will be sent to the nurse’s office.  
  • Please pay attention to all emails that come from the school and PTA.  This will give you valuable information on hot lunch, special events, mystery reader sign ups, as well as Euclid school and PTA important reminders.


  • Emails with sign ups will be sent to parents/guardians to donate for classroom parties/ celebrations. 
  • Throughout the year there will be celebrations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday, Valentine’s Day, Spring Party, Field Day and End of the Year Party.
  • Besides the parents who volunteer to bring in supplies for the class party, some parents (not all!) also send in cards or goodie bags during some of these holiday events for each kid in the class.  This is just FYI.
  • If you’re distributing birthday invitations to the class and you ask the teacher to place them in the folders that go home, there has to be one for everyone in class or just all the boys or just all the girls.
  • Drop off all birthday or class party supplies by the main office.
  • You cannot go in to the classroom for parties so don’t feel bad if you have work or can’t make it that day.
  • Every Friday at Euclid is Spirt Day (this applies to all grades too!).   Students wear school colors, their sports jerseys, or apparel purchased from the school store.  But….Do not stress if you forget.  We can’t remember everything!


  • You can either pay for hot lunch (schedule comes out the month prior- contact Maschio’s 201-288-6476 or check out the website: OR pack your own lunch
  • Talk to your child and ask if they are actually eating their lunch, like their lunch, or want something else for lunch.  No one is monitoring the amount of lunch your child eats so be sure to talk to them about it.
  • In Kindergarten, you need to have two lunch boxes (one for snack & one for lunch) labeled with your child’s name.  Be sure you don’t forget the extras like napkins, straws, wet wipes, or utensils.  
  • No soda or candy…. we found that out the hard way too.
  • There is only a limited amount of time to eat snack and lunch.  Try not to give the kids too many snack options so they don’t spend half their time deciding what to eat.
  • You don’t need to buy expensive or fancy lunch boxes (unless you want to).  They just need to handle the wear and tear of a school year.
  • If your child forgets their lunch box at school, don’t worry.  Just send your kid’s lunch in a brown bag or another kind of disposable bag for the day until you can find out if it was left in the classroom or somewhere else in the building.  Just make sure you put their name on that bag.


  • Parking is hard to find during pick up!!!  Make sure you make enough time to find a spot and you factor in how much time it takes you to walk to the playground.  
  • Your child is dismissed when you are in the playground (not outside of the gates)
  • Kids will only be released to designated adults.  If you are planning on having someone else pick up your child, the school will need prior notice with that in writing.
  • Kindergarten classes usually are the first to come out to the playground for dismissal.  Try to get there by 3pm the latest.
  • If its snowing, Kindergarten classes will be released through the front doors of the school (look for the cluster of parents!)
  • You have to park.  There is NO “Pick Up” Line/ Lane
  • Half-days follow the same procedure. *Always check the calendar to make sure you know if it is a half day or a full day.*


  • If you don’t know something, ASK!
  • PTA resources are your friend!  Being a part of the PTA keeps you informed and involved in all your child’s school events.
  • Don’t be afraid to make friends with the parents in your child’s class.  It always helps to have someone else remind you about upcoming school events, someone you can review homework with, or someone to remind you about upcoming sport sign ups!   
  • The school’s PTA helps to provide extra programs and events to our children.  However it is only as successful as its volunteers!  Children loving seeing their parents/guardians volunteer in the school or at their school events. Sign up at the beginning of each school year.  PTA Sign Up Link.